• Ahimoth Lihxuroas

    Ahimoth Lihxuroas

    Since his recent visit to the void he has silver hair and arcane blue eyes; he lost a little weight and his skin is slightly paler. He has changed his armor to make himself the white knight and has a few scars that decorate his body.
  • Alexander Pellinore

    Alexander Pellinore

    Level 5 Lawful Good Paladin of Heironeous. Human, 21 years old, 6' 1", and 180 lbs. Brown eyes and hair, with a pale complexion.
  • Pegarond vi Denegoth

    Pegarond vi Denegoth

    Fledgling Druid of the Denegoth clan, and self-appointed harbinger of their vengenace.
  • Pwyll


    With a glint in his eyes and silver on his tongue, Pwyll can talk himself out of almost every situation - and he almost has! His black hair falls over his bumpy headband displaying Heironeous' holy symbol.
  • Soveric Fryar

    Soveric Fryar

    A Paladin who has his own beliefs about the God of his world, and does his best to uphold him. His weapon of choice is a longsword, and he wields two of them.
  • Vesicatrum Luxis Desilens

    Vesicatrum Luxis Desilens

    Better known by his middle name, Luxis is a human with long, black, slick hair. He stands at 5' 11", with a dark skin tone and dim, emerald green eyes.