Ahimoth Lihxuroas

Since his recent visit to the void he has silver hair and arcane blue eyes; he lost a little weight and his skin is slightly paler. He has changed his armor to make himself the white knight and has a few scars that decorate his body.


Ahimoth white knight ver


Ahimoth had come down from Snow haven to join the ranks of the military but was deterred from this task. He meet with Pwyll and followed him on this quest the old man sent them upon. Ahimoth isn’t a true fan of elves because of the recent meeting with the druid but he makes due with what he can. He can speak more than common but hasn’t exactly revealed what he knows yet. Ahimoth is trained in all military weapons but specializes in his great sword. In the party’s visit to the Underdark Ahimoth found his sword Light’s torrent which he made himself.

Ahimoth Lihxuroas

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