Pegarond vi Denegoth

Fledgling Druid of the Denegoth clan, and self-appointed harbinger of their vengenace.


(Fey Shape)


Pegarond is, obviously, not the most educated on matters of the civilized world. He tends to act out of instincts he attained living in the wild, but has recetly learned to control himself; more or less, simply to be less problematic for the party, and therefore himself. The young Elf is extremely devout to nature and all of its qualms, adheering mother earth’s power superior to all else. As of now it is known that his clan the Denegoth elves had been driven from their homeland in the mass inquisition, and Pegarond strives to learn whom enacted the cause, why, and finally exact the revenge of his people.

Pegarond vi Denegoth

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