With a glint in his eyes and silver on his tongue, Pwyll can talk himself out of almost every situation - and he almost has! His black hair falls over his bumpy headband displaying Heironeous' holy symbol.


Warlock pwyll


Pwyll has traveled from the Holy city in search of something. Whether this something is what he was sent for or something more, he hasn’t told a soul. Through brief spurts of combat it is know he speaks at least two languages; common, and Elven. Pwyll trips traps and doesn’t think twice when treasure is involved, probably because of how new he is to adventuring, although he seems to have an awful detailed knowledge of the holy Heironeous’ worshipers hierarchy. Pwyll is known to sympathize with the Elves who claim that the Holy Crusaders strip them of their homes, although he doesn’t openly oppose his old god as do some Elves. Anyone who has spent enough time with Pwyll will know how he has an unhealthy interest in the law, but isn’t malicious. Pwyll has a strange ability he has excercised freely; this ability is one in which he fires a solid beam of green-red energy at his enemies, and can shape it into a pole-arm that appears to be a normal pole-arm that slightly glows. Other than the aforementioned abilities, Pwyll keeps his abilities secret and has yet to speak to anyone of the Test of Self.


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