Soveric Fryar

A Paladin who has his own beliefs about the God of his world, and does his best to uphold him. His weapon of choice is a longsword, and he wields two of them.


Soveric never knew his parents, he was an orphan to the Church of Heironeous at birth and it has been his home ever sense. Whenever he asked about his parents, the preists told him that he was a Gift from Heironeous and he shouldn’t question it any further. He spent most of his time in the Church studying and reading Analects of Heironeous, detailing Heironeous’ greatness, valor, and his tenents. One analect that stuck with him the moment he read was the 34th; “Never die easy; strive always for a valorous end.” Intensive study and tales of his God hardened Soveric over the course of his time with the Church. He often got in arguments with other disciples about his views, except one. One Alexander Pellinore, who Soveric learned that his mother was one of the clerics of the Church. Around the age of 18, about 1 week before he started training with Alexander to join up with the Paladin’s, Soveric gave a sermon one evening at the church; glorifing Heironeous’ greatness and valor to the people of the Holy City and to his peers. This caught the eye of one of the Paladin’s Captains by the name of Amiel Whitestrake. Captain Whitestrake encouraged Soveric to come out to the Paladin training grouds in about 2 months to see if the ouder was right for him…and it was. Over the next two months after trial and error with different weapon styles, Soveric finally felt comfortable wielding two longswords. He thought they were quite fitting since it was his God’s favored weapon. His time with the Paladin’s only encouraged Soveric’s beliefs in Heironeous, he exelled at all his drills and listened to his higher ranked officers. During the days that guard duty is full he spends time with an old friend of his named Koltira, a bard in training. It was with Koltira’s insperational help and wording that made Soveric’s sermon so inspiring. On other off days he spends time furthering his training in his unique fighting style.

Soveric’s ultimate goal is become a living weapon of his God. He aspires to become one of the Bringer, believing that is the highest achievement he can reach in his life. But soon he will become one of the Shining Blades…

Soveric Fryar

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