Heroes of Old


It is said that the first time Zaal was creating his armies for his conquest of the world there were 5 heroes he brought together. He brought them together so that he might deceive them into doing his bidding. And for a while the heroes unintentionally aided the evil wizard. But Zaal became too arrogant and once they discovered his plans quickly did all they could to oppose him. And oppose him they did. They aided the King and helped to push his vile hordes out of the walls of the Royal City. But they did not stop there; they quickly assaulted him in his own tower, finally confronting the wizard. Even with all his might and spells he was defeated and he and his tower fell. They were revered all across the land. But as time passed their names became forgotten, but not the deeds they did for the world.
It is said that those who honored the Heroes made temples in homage to them. Hiding their locations from the world, so they may forever revere the Heroes for what they did.


The first know hero is Laucian Naïlo. The holy monk of a god, who has long been forgotten. He is depicted as a powerful elf with many tattoos over his body. He is show on the back of a great white dragon charging into what seems like hell itself. His temple is located at the Dagger’s Point, just west of Winterhaven. A city that long ago was of great importance to this hero.

Heroes of Old

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